Sunday, 13 February 2011

He's back!

And what an amazing goal that was! Even though City was impressive for most of the game, after the first goal United really got it going. Unfortunately there was an equaliser, and I was really worried that it could go either way.. But nobody asked Rooney! And damn did he do his thing. Really amazing goal, and that definately takes City out of the Premiership chase. We do have a clear advantage, and for me Arsenal don't have what it takes to beat us, but it's definately not over, as we've seen in past years.

You can see the goals here by the way: Manchester United - Manchester City 2-1 goals

On a more random note, whales that have trees on them:


See you next time.



  1. i loved more the unrelated

  2. he doesn't last the season. mark it down.

    also, the whale is classic!

  3. That last pic... i love sushi :D

    btw, you should consider turn the captcha off

  4. Nani's control was amazing but Rooney's goal is just simply incredible.

  5. I now have an idea on what to make for my daughter's next bento meal :D

  6. That meal! Awesome <3 My childhood in food form <3

  7. Dugtrio and Snorlax...evolved into deliciousness. Yum!