Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Debt - the biggest bill in history?

Hey guys hows it going? I know i've been away for agessss, but I had exams going on. Still have, but I was in a blog mood. Just going to dump some pics for you... enjoy!

Have you had exams or similar shit?

It was my birthday yesterday, and I had an exam today, so I had to stay home and study. Shittiest. Birthday. Ever. Also cause im on a diet, i bought some chocolate to give to my flatmates and other friends, and I didn't have any. Life sucks.

My last exam is on next Tuesday, and I can't fucking wait to get smashed again. It's been 2 months since my last drink. Also cause of my diet I've cut all crap foods and stuff, lost a lot of fat and built up muscle as a result of the Atkins diet. It's an amazing diet, highly reccomended to anyone who has any issue with weight. I can almost see my six-pack, something i've never seen before! *blush*

So yeah that's that, pretty boring entry, hope you at least liked the pics.