Friday, 25 February 2011

The Generation Changing The World

Hello, when I started this blog I said that I am going to update at least 2-3 times a week, that's proven easier said that done! But I'll try and keep it to at least 2 per week, and I hope I have enough content to satisfy you for the days in between!

So basicly, toned down my going out this week after last week's 5 night out frenzy. Only went out on Wednesday, and I intend to go out on Saturday next. Some good football this week, unfortunately United did not manage to beat Marseille in France, but 0-0 is not bad either. Below is an unrelated hilarious football clip:

Apparently he was so desperate to get a foul, he actually used the other players elbow to make it seem like he was getting hit! Amazing! He did manage to get the foul however, so I guess he did achieve his purpose.

Anyway, the weather seems to be getting better. Still a bit cold for my taste, but at least you only need like a hoodie at day to be warm. And at night you only need a warm comfy beer blanket.

I'm looking for some good indie/rock songs by the way if anyone has any recommendations, I really need to listen to some new content. The following song has me so hooked, it's just really rhythymy and catchy, the girl is pretty good aswell.

I need to get back in shape, like I used to be like a year ago. I used to be really zealous in my exercising and dieting, but in the last few months I have more of a 'fuck it' mentality. I signed up for the gym and didn't really have any motivation to go, I *sometimes* eat crap fast food and generally not doing what is in my best interest. How can I change that? I need something to persuade me. Don't get me wrong, no one will tell you that im fat or that I look fat, but I just want to get more lean than I am now. I think part of the reason im not motivated is just that, that i don't really have any problems just how I am. I slowly started cooking less oily meals and watching my calorie intake (that might have sounded gay, it's not, fuck you) but im a strong believer that if you don't sweat you don't see results. Maybe I should wait for the weather to warm up a bit before going to the gym again? I also need something to strap my iphone on, I have having it in my pocket and the wires being in the way. ><

Also, to the people that have iphones, how do you sort your apps? It seems that I can't categorize everything, and I end up having 4 5 pages of apps and games that either I don't use or never will use, but I still keep on the premise that it's a "cool app". Reminds me of Stan in the Southpark episode of inception where he keeps loads of crap in his locker that he probably won't ever use but he still keeps in there.

So yeah I think that's it. GET ME SOME INDIE ROCK SONGS. And I hope you have fun this weekend, since it is Friday. Personally I am going to chill at home maybe with a couple friends. Im really hungry, im going to go eat something. Bye.




Thursday, 17 February 2011

I need to stop going out so much..

Every end of week I declare that im not going to go out so many nights, maybe start studying a bit more, because literally since the start of this term I haven't really bothered much. Im not missing anything really, but sometimes, when im in the club, pissed drunk I just think, "man, do I really need this..again?"

Some good football violence these past few days:

"The altercation, which was captured by TV cameras, occurred because the player had previously had a relationship with Fitzgerald's current girlfriend and "not treated her correctly", Stevenage Magistrates' Court was told." TeamTalk
Even though this happened over a month ago, still some good fun.

And good ol' Gattuso never dissapoints:
This was on Tuesday night, in Milan, during the Champions League knockout stages.

Anyway, im glad you liked the Valentines post, I will have more of those on the way. Haven't been able to update much in the past few days as I was crammed with assignments, but for the time being everything's alright.
for the lols

On a different note, I seem to be one of the few people that actually enjoy *most* genres of music. To name a few, I like: Trance(Vocal, Psychedelic, House, Electro etc) Metal (Heavy, Death, Glam, Melodic, Power etc) Rock (Britpop, Punk, Alternative, Pop-punk, Funk, Emo etc) DrumnBass, Dubstep, Jazz, Chartbreakers as well as pop oldies (60s-70s-80s-90s) etc etc etc.
(My preferred music genre is rock, something like this, but not that specific.)

It's like you can put me anywhere, and I will probably appreciate what im listening to, even though it probably won't get on my playlist. Are more people like this, or is it just me?

That's all basicly, I hope you have tons of fun tonight even if it is a Thursday, I know I will. Man im hungry. Enjoy this live video, I definately would have commited some kind of illegal act to be there.

Definately one of my most favourite lives ever.. this song is originally by Calvin Harris, but damn did they go to town with it? Agree?


Funny cause it's true.


Monday, 14 February 2011

I hate Valentines.

Self explanatory title really, I mean, come on now!

Basicly theres 2 ways it can go: either you don't have a girlfriend, which is fine, and you either do, which means you're fucked.

Why you may ask? Basicly because in order for you to pass this once-a-year test, you are going to have to NOT ONLY spend bucketloads of money (to get the same things that you would get any other day mind you) but you are also going to need a conscious effort to make it all work.

However, you need not be afraid, because I will guide you through all the steps in order for you to be a happy camper at the end of the night.

The first step is, well, easily enough, flowers.

Try not to buy rotten ones, even if they are cheaper.
 That should get you past the first boundary. After that you are going to at least need a card (red or pink - they love that) and maybe some chocolates. Not just a regular chocolate however, you are going to need some overpriced packaged mini chocolates that are shaped like hearts and stuff.

Get the ones that don't look like this one.

After that, you might need a main present, however this varies from girlfriend to girlfriend. I always got away with it with cute stuffed animals, but really, use your imagination here.

After that, you drive her to your restaurant of choice, where you reserved a small table for two, and ordered the special set menu meal. It's amazing how little value for money you're getting on this night, im always amazed at how little food is in front of me with how much I spent on it. It's probably going to be something *really* fancy that no one *really* cares about, but nevertheless, it's Valentines isn't it?

This is how it should jk.

And finally, after all that, you've paid anywhere from 50-150 quid (depending on how much money was 'stolen' from you) just so you can get laid. Once. Maybe if you have a freaky girlfriend she might let you do more stuff to her, but most likely, she's not. Happy Valentines!

P.S Personally im going to get hammered anyway, just makes it easier to pick up single girls. So I guess it's not all that bad.

Somewhat related:



Sunday, 13 February 2011

He's back!

And what an amazing goal that was! Even though City was impressive for most of the game, after the first goal United really got it going. Unfortunately there was an equaliser, and I was really worried that it could go either way.. But nobody asked Rooney! And damn did he do his thing. Really amazing goal, and that definately takes City out of the Premiership chase. We do have a clear advantage, and for me Arsenal don't have what it takes to beat us, but it's definately not over, as we've seen in past years.

You can see the goals here by the way: Manchester United - Manchester City 2-1 goals

On a more random note, whales that have trees on them:


See you next time.


Saturday, 12 February 2011

First post, yey

So yeah, this is my first post. Still have loads of stuff to go through. Maybe this will turn out alright.