Wednesday, 6 July 2011

I'm such a lazy bastard

Completely stopped updating, it's weird I was so psyched when I started it. Im back home working now and its killing me, combined with working out and going out I feel I have little time to relax in front of my computer.

So I got my results, managed a 2:1 in my first year of Law, not too shabby, considering the studying I only did a couple of weeks before the exams. I hear next year's a bitch though.

I saw this following picture on some forum and I think it's so cool, counting in bit's. I can't really think of a situation to actually use it, but it's cool nevertheless. What do you think?

That fucked up the whole template, awesome. It's worth it anyway. Well that's it, going to check some blogs and hopefully get back into it. I hope your summer holidays are going well.



P.S: This song will BLOW you away.


  1. Congrats with your studies.

  2. grats on your study and lol and the cookie monster

  3. Don't be lazy and post more!!!! congrats on the scores, keep it up.

  4. LMAO:D Nice compilation bro:d