Monday, 4 April 2011

You just never know what They have in mind... until it's too late.

Hey guys and gals, how are you? Had a nice weekend?

Mine was alright. Did not get drunk, did not go clubbing. Did not do anything illegal. Actually now that I think of it it was pretty crap. Most of my friends aren't coming back for the Easter holidays and so im sort of stuck on a couple of good friends and a few 2nd rate friends. Which is fine, but I can't really do crazy stuff with them, or else they might think im weird. Which I am. But they can't know. Can they?

I don't know if any of you play Starcraft 2, but you definately should because it's the best game ever to come out. Ever! I am loving it, basicly im a total Blizzard fanboy, I love all their games, Diablo, WoW, Warcraft and now this. Also I love their April Fool's pranks, they do them every year now. This is their 2011 Starcraft 2 related prank:

If you don't play SC2 you SHOULD, because it's great. I got really annoyed because season 2 started a few days ago and I was in Diamond league, and I was drunk when I played my qualifier and now im in Platinum, which annoyed the fuck out of me since im not a Platinum player but anyway, just need to win some games and get back into D.

On an unrelated note, I just sneezed and my snot literally flew like 3 meters away from me and landed on my sweatshirt. FML

This girl is funny. If you watch the interview she gave, I kinda felt sorry for her I mean, some comments are really fucking mean on her video. Then again her song is pretty fucking shit, so I guess she kinda had it coming.. but still some of them are  purely genuinely hate-filled.

That's all for today, im going to go to the gym for a change and start working on my summer body, I suggest you do the same. Unless you're all ribbed and buff. Heheh. See you soon.





  1. Your blog looks all right mate. How long have you been playing SC2? I got bored of it after like a month or so. I didn't think it was really that great. Have the newer patches cleaned it up a bit?

  2. Great blog you've got going here! :) - Following for more randomness. :D

  3. i like your blog. keep up the good work

  4. haha love the post! Really funny! :D

  5. lol these are great as always

  6. That last infographic was interesting.

  7. sounds like you've ben up to soem fun stuff

  8. ...goldfish? ...or dog...what would I rather have had done...